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Dr Keith Scott-Mumby
MB ChB, MD, PhD is
"The Naked Doctor"

In case you're wondering: It's not because I don't wear anything under my white coat. It's because I expose you to all the secrets your doctor would rather you didn't know! The naked truth!

I don't know about you but I get very alarmed by some of the excesses and follies of the medical profession. Health is declining, more and more people are falling sick, yet the cost of health care is rising relentlessly.

I don't think in any other profession we would stand for paying more and getting less (or getting the OPPOSITE of what we paid for). Yet somehow the medical profession and the drug industry manage to blow enough smoke that politicians are not reacting to the fraud (I use that word advisedly).

Until something happens to change the status quo (don't hold your breath!), then it's up to every individual to take care of themselves as fully as possible. You simply cannot afford to get sick. You've seen the movie SICKO by Michael Moore (I hope). In it Moore makes very clear that medical insurance is a fraud. You pay; they don't!

Yet everyone still believes the myth. "So long as I have insurance, I'll be OK if I get sick," is the commonly held belief. Well, after SICKO, it's obvious that the health insurance companies don't like to pay out. In fact they hire dumb doctors to negate your claim and find grounds to reject it.

Meanwhile, you've already been told you're OK, so you go ahead with the treatment. It's AFTERWARDS that the insurance companies renage. They charge back, like a credit card! Now YOU have to pay the $300,000 bill.

There goes your home and life savings! That's why the biggest cause of bankruptcy today is medical expenses.

Notice this: the insurance companies won't say AHEAD of time that you'll have to pay. That would cripple the income of their buddies in the health profession.

They LURE you in and THEN spring the trap. Otherwise nobody in their right mind would go to a hospital and run up a huge bill that impossible to pay.

What can you do?


But that means you have to understand health issues and how to prevent or deal with them. Do you have to have medical training? No, but you sure have to have knowledge. You need to know simple and safe ways to beat disease.

Best is to prevent ill health but even if you fall sick, there are ALWAYS cheap, simple and safe remedies. Your doctor would never tell you about them and the drug industry spends $billions trying to discredit them, with lies, false claims and wild stories. Why? Because natural health medicine threatens their enormous profit base.

We're talking an annual revenue here of 2 trillion dollars or $6,400 per person on average (that was 2005, the last year for which we have figures). They aren't going to let that get threatened by a bunch of fitness clubs and vitamin supplements manufacturers. Get real!

So you need your own personal health care plan. I can do that for you.

What you need is the teachings of a wise old bird who isn't in the cash-for-pills industry. I opted out years ago. I make my living out of information and I'm happy to spread it around everywhere, because I know that the more people who know what I know, and APPLY it, the happier and healthier the population is going to be.